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Meghan Markle In ‘Lonely Downward Spiral’ After A-List Snubs?

 26 days ago

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have constantly stirred up drama in the eyes of the tabloids. Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the royal family for a life in Hollywood, even more drama surrounds them.

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live in California, one outlet alleges Markle is having difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle change. Gossip Cop investigates.  According to the National Enquirer, Meghan Markle is “locked in a lonely downward spiral after dumping her lifelong pals.”

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The tabloid claims that after failing to make Barack Obama’s birthday party guest list, several other Hollywood A-listers shunned Markle. “Meghan doesn’t really have a best friend right now, and that’s a situation that hurts like hell,” an insider close to Markle leaks. 

Apparently, the one close friend Markle did have, Jessica Mulroney, is also no longer in the picture. After Mulroney was involved in a racism scandal, she and Markle’s “friendship is dead!” an insider declares.  However, Markle still has to keep things between her and Mulroney civil, so she doesn’t talk “about their past secrets.”

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Although Markle says “she has all the company she needs with Harry, her mom, and a few trusted members of her support team,” the insider tells a different story. Markle is “lonely and misses the days when she could open up to people.” 

The remaining portion of the outlet’s story touches on Prince Harry’s adjustment to life in Hollywood. Prince Harry spends his time on an “endless stream of video business calls” or hanging out with James Corden and Orlando Bloom, which leaves Markle feeling “like a fifth wheel.” 

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According to the tabloid, Markle’s main issue is that she hasn’t found somebody to replace her former best friend. However, she’s been left “wary of everyone” after “being dumped by the Obamas.” All of Markle’s paranoia and lack of close friends has “sent her over the edge!” the insider snitches. 

Gossip Cop isn’t buying the “paranoid and friendless” Meghan Markle narrative for a couple of obvious reasons. First, Markle and Prince Harry were just named to the TIME 100 list, which is pretty hard to do if you’re as friendless as the outlet claims Markle is.

Also, Markle was never rejected by the Obamas, as the magazine insists. During Obama’s birthday party, Markle could not attend because she was taking care of a newborn on the exact opposite side of the country.  This narrative is simply another way for the tabloids to portray Meghan Markle as the root of all problems.

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The idea that Markle is friendless and paranoid is completely false, and we’re not believing a word of the National Enquirer‘s tale. Between its recent claims that the couple made half a billion on their Oprah interview and that Markle was secretly controlling Prince Harry’s finances, the tabloid doesn’t seem to have improved in the year since.

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Just Me
26d ago

I've always been told... be nice as your going up.... because you meet the Same people on the way Down.... their just getting their Karma... Shes 40 now an a Has Been....

Buttercup Bentley
26d ago

I thought she and Oprah were such good friends. I'm sure she will find another talk show where she can whine about how awful she is being treated.

Marilyn Joiner
26d ago

U are NOTHING here in US bc u were NOTHING but a mental disaster before Harry & u thought u would be SOMETHING when u married him.....guess what? U are a NOTHING STILL.....SHUT UP & JUST GO AWAY....


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