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NFL admits mistake on play that potentially cost the Dallas Cowboys a Week 1 win over the Buccaneers

Blogging The Boys

Cover picture for the articleThe Dallas Cowboys lost in Week 1. Nobody is out here saying that the Cowboys are anything except for 0-1, but after having over a week to digest on what happened down in Tampa Bay (while processing everything that has been happening in Dallas simultaneously) there is no denying it. The Cowboys were very much in that game and could have very easily won it.

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Slam Dunk
30d ago

how many games has Dallas lost by the Zebras over the years by not doing their job. If you will remember, Jerrah sued the NFL and Badell has had his revenge every since. Knocked Big D out of the playoffs twice against GB. to name a couple. It showed the Zebra standing right in front of the two players on the no called offensive pass interference call. I guarantee had it been on Dallas, a half dozen flags would have flown. Maybe Jerrah should sue again 😉

Emmanuel Joseph

What is it gonna change now, A win. We all make mistakes as humans it's called human error. If you didn't correct it during the game nobody cares to hear about it what was called stands. No different from the fleeting of football to win a football game lol.😆

Kamar Bennett

What about the offensive push off for the catch to seal the game with the field goal.. Not to mention the two 3rd down (hint, hint) penalties that the cowboys got to push them further back to force them to ONLY A FIELD GOAL!! Which could’ve been a tough down🧐.. penalties for 1 team + No penalty for the other team = #12 TOM BRANDY


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