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Alabama football fans were calling for Nick Saban’s head on Tide message boards


Cover picture for the articleThe Alabama Crimson Tide survived against Florida, but for fans that aren’t used to even playing in close games, Tuscaloosa expects more. Everyone laughed at Nick Saban for suggesting a reckoning was coming after the Tide defeated lowly Mercer by the final score of 48-14, but it turns out he was...

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Rhonda Macon

Some Alabama fans ARE spoiled. The game with Florida was very close because it is a RIVALRY! Also, Florida fans make so much noise it impedes any team they play. They do it on purpose. so grow up, fans! I've been a Bear girl all my life but even I know there is no such thing as perfection!

Sephora Hardy

Ok. So we're use to Alabama blowing opponents out of the water with high scores. But the minute a team shows some resistance, make it a "dog" fight so to speak. Folks want to throw Coach Saban under the bus. It was a good, well played game. With mistakes on both sides. I'm more than sure Coach Saban knows where the weak spots are and what he/team needs to do to strengthen them. Get off his back! Let him continue to do what he's doing. You don't see Gator fans calling for their coach's head because they lost in their own yard. Still a Roll Tide fan! Not as long as they're winning, even when they lose. I still sport my crimson/cream. And when people make their snide comments,I just smile and say yeah, we had a bad day, but we will bounce back. A ride or die fan.


Those "creatures" are bandwagon fans. They have no idea of the years that BAMA suffered mediocre seasons. They need to kindly SDSTFU about the goat. He's dominated this sport and any "fan" that can't see that, needs to move on to an Auburn fan....


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