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A TV meteorologist of 33 years declined the vaccine, citing personal freedoms. He was fired.

Washington Post
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWhen storms or snow blasted Michigan’s Upper Peninsula over the past three decades, viewers turned to Karl Bohnak as their trusted guide. Bohnak has been known not just for his steady approach to the forecast but also viral moments and bloopers that helped make the WLUC meteorologist an amiable community mainstay.

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29d ago

wow meteorologist don't even sit close to the regular news guys... he practiced social distancing, what was the problem? oh wouldn't get an experimental shot? the one that doesn't protect you?! wow this is sad! I hope the other news stations pick him up and the ratings fall for the one that fired him

Rochelle Glenn-White
29d ago

33 years a faithful employee and this is how they thank him ? This is so wrong how people are being fired because they don't want to get vaccinated !! Employees that have been and continue to work through COVID to keep businesses up and running ? I'm vaccinated but that's MY choice and people who don't want to for WHATEVER their reason , should be their choice !!

Tim Bolls
29d ago

Gee, why wouldn't he want his DNA altered and heart inflammation or any of the other deadly side effects from the vaccine??? Just because 45,000 people int the US have died from the vaccine, doesn't mean he will too....


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