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What Aaliyah's Uncle Has to Say About Her Marriage to R. Kelly

 27 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAaliyah's parents have continuously denied that their daughter was ever in a relationship with R. Kelly. Despite MTV News reporting that Kelly and Aaliyah married in 1994 when Kelly was 27 and Aaliyah was 15, her mother remains adamant that it wasn't the case. The marriage certificate listed Aaliyah's age as 18. However, Kelly's former road manager would testify in court recently at Kelly's Brooklyn criminal trial that he paid a government employee a bribe of $500 for a fake ID for Aaliyah. Court records show that Aaliyah's parents had the marriage annulled in 1996.

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Allen Houston-Bey
27d ago

Why is it that someone always has something to say after someone is dead. There's always some secret! A must hear! A must read!!! Still capitalizing off of the dead. Why don't they say something while these people are alive. Someone's always saying "l know who killed such and such," or "Such and such just said who killed so and so and didn't realize it."

miss Major
27d ago

he should of said something a long time ago when they let her get married lock the mom up lock the dad up lock the uncle up RKelly is already locked up

26d ago

She didn’t lie in the video, she wasn’t married at that time, her parents had already annulled it…her parents are truly terrible parents to allow the relationship to get to that point…selling your child to the Devil


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