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Strange Animal Reportedly Caught on Trail Camera Near Baton Rogue, Louisiana

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Imagine walking through the woods and seeing this. Howard Martin posted this photo on Facebook and now many are doing their best to identify this very strange animal. The photo was reportedly taken near St. Francisville, north of Baton Rogue, in Louisiana and it shows a four-legged animal, with no fur, hopping over a branch.

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Ernest M. Saenz
29d ago

There are posts claiming that this animal was previously identified as a hairless raccoon. If so, the identification may be erroneous for several reasons. For instance, some of the anatomy does not match a raccoon's: a raccoon's ears are round at the top, not pointed as in the photo and raccoons have pot bellies. Considering that the photo was taken near Baton Rouge, it is more likely that the animal in the photo is a stray racing dog; perhaps a Greyhound or Whippet.Dog racing is a popular sport in Baton Rouge and the chances that this animal is associated with the dog racing community is high.Other indications that the pictured animal may be a racing dog are its muscular physique which is a common trait of racing dogs and its obvious canine facial features resembling those of a Greyhound and Whippet.


How many times are they gonna run this story. This is like the 8th time I have seen it in the last 6 months.

Sarah Maria
21d ago

I think we all should do our part in helping the wildlife live as happy of lives as they can just as the rest of us wish to ... feed it, nurture it, care for it, give it a shed with bedding to stay warm in the winter, let it know it's welcomed, not to let it live in fear.


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