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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Ridiculed By Body Language Experts

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news shows that Time magazine officially jumped the shark by putting Hollywood Harry and Rachel Meghan Markle on its latest edition of birdcage material. That picture, and more like it, was roasted on social media as painfully staged, and their inclusion on Time’s list of the galaxy’s 100...

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Pamela Penick

It's not just Harry who is being ridiculed but Meghan as well. They are a disaster of their own making and with the Time cover, they are officially a world wide joke. People are laughing at them all over the internet. No country wants them in their country and even Americans want them to leave the US. Their reputation is truely beyond repair. No credibility or integrity.The only ones who don't want to admit this is the Markles themselves.

Stan Sullivan

lol he whipped she removed him were he had some power in life now hes just her little B*** h hope you got all you ask for

Barbara Mann

The two of them are so unaware of what a joke they are, she is such a looser. I can hear the doors slamming shut by all their so called California friends.


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