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Los Angeles, CA

No injuries as 4.3-magnitude earthquake rattles Los Angeles

ABC News
ABC News

A small earthquake shook the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area Friday night, but there weren't any immediate reports of major damage or injuries.

The magnitude-4.3 quake struck shortly after 7:58 p.m. and was centered near Carson, about 21 miles (34 kilometers) southeast of downtown LA, according to preliminary information from the U.S. Geological Survey website.

Its depth was reported at about 9 miles (14 kilometers), the USGS reported.

Some people reported feeling a jolt ranging from a moment to several seconds across the area. It was felt in neighboring cities, including Santa Monica, Torrance and Beverly Hills.

No problems were reported at an oil refinery in Carson.

The Los Angeles Fire Department went into earthquake emergency mode, sending vehicles and helicopters to patrol its 470 square miles (1,217-square-kilometer) area but said it didn't receive any reports of “significant damage or injury," according to a department statement.

Seismologist Lucy Jones told KCBS-TV that the quake “doesn't look abnormal at all."

“This size happens on average somewhere in Southern California every couple of months," she said. “When it happens to be in the middle of the Los Angeles basin then a lot more people feel it and it becomes bigger news."

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Barbara Green

Too bad, hoping for California to break off into the Pacific Ocean never to be seen or heard from again.

Gangster D

You terms are evil maybe god will give you your own earthquake to rattle your head karma becomes to you


I wonder how they're going to link this to covid-19 but you know, they will


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