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The Filibuster’s Fate Is Already Decided. Just Look To The 2022 Democratic Senate Candidates.


Cover picture for the articleThe Senate’s filibuster rules requiring 60 votes to start or end debate on most legislation may survive this fall’s fight over voting rights legislation, but its future is bleak. Every Senate Democratic candidate running in an open-seat race or looking to unseat a sitting Republican senator has embraced filibuster reform in...

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What is this thing about "sharing of wealth?” I worked hard all my working life to be able to retire comfortably, travel and enjoy a few rounds of tennis each week. I made regular donations to charities and paid millions in taxes over the forty five years of my productive life. I still pay taxes on my pension, investment income and home at high rates, and thankful that I can. Nobody gave me anything other than the opportunity to work and make a decent living. So I truly feel that i have done my share and earned the right to enjoy the rest of my life without the constant nattering of these social warriors about inequality. To quote, I believe, Winston Churchill, "You cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor


Do what ever it takes to not be great legislator. No one listens on both sides. The filibuster was created to keep both side talking but neither side like each other anymore. Time for term limits. It should be the number one focus point for every American voter til we get it.

David Davis
29d ago

no worries because the Biden administration and the stupidity of the democrats since the election will make sure that most democrats will be voted out next election and the Republicans will control the house and senate


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