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Know the Road with the CHP: How close can I park to a driveway?

ABC30 Central Valley
ABC30 Central Valley

How close are you legally allowed to park to the opening of a driveway?

"The answer is simple," said Sgt. Brian Pennings with the California Highway Patrol. "There's a prolongation of the driveway, and you can park up to and close to that prolongation, but you cannot proceed past that prolongation before it becomes illegal."

"Even if it's just a few inches, it could be considered illegal," he explained. "It's up to the officer's discretion when a violation is observed whether they issue a parking citation - or for gross violations, the vehicle could be removed."

"So sometimes there are driveways that appear not to be in use at the time when a vehicle is parked," he added. "Even though a driveway may appear not to be in use, the vehicle code does not allow for parking in front of that driveway or blocking that driveway at any time."

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