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Atlanta Falcons: Five players who can replace Matt Ryan

Cover picture for the articleThe Atlanta Falcons should be lining up possible replacements for Matt Ryan. While replacing a player at Ryan’s level isn’t going...

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It's the Falcons. They don't know how to make the right choice. From coaches to draft picks. Matt Ryan is a statue and his best day's are behind him. The Falcons will be at the bottom of their division for the next couple of seasons.

sweetk1342 sk

No I disagree of the blank doesn't need to sell the team he need a better coach than what he have now I see this this man is not going to win any games he doesn't really look like a coach he should have kept Raheem gave him a chance to coach that team not trying to be racist but Arthur blank never keeps a black coach I think he needs to start giving black coaches a chance because this coach they have now it's not going to be successful there I see it I am Atlanta falcons fan to the end but things need to change with this coaching Raheem is now a coordinator for the ram and the Rams won falcon you should have gave him a chance

Jason Smith

let's see you fire the head coach fired the offense coach let good play go and this has been going on for years Matt Ryan should have been traded or released after fumbling the ball in the Superbowl he is done washed


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