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Federal workers can be fired for refusing vaccination, but must show up to work until their cases are determined, new guidance says

Washington Post
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleFederal employees can be fired for refusing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, but as their disciplinary cases wind through the system, they will report to work alongside vaccinated colleagues, according to Biden administration guidance issued this week. The new guidance to implement a vaccine mandate for the government, which...

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I'm ya huckleberry
29d ago

Sounding enough like communism yet for ya? Jeez. Why are there so many people that can't see whats happening? Actually IN FAVOR of it ffs. May god help us.

Irish girl 32
29d ago

I' am so sick of this administration changing the goal post everytime something doesn't work in their favor...

Chad O'Connor
29d ago

lol. you want to fire me, but you want me to show up?good luck with that. good luck getting your mail and precious Amazon packages.🖕🖕


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