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Presidential Election

Joe Biden Basically Tells GOP Governors to Rot in Hell

Vanity Fair
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleEighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, would you say you’re so completely over this shit? And that you’re thoroughly pissed? Pissed at the people who are to blame for us still having to worry about school closures and positive cases and whether or not we’ll have to spend the holidays away from our families again this year, i.e. the people who refuse to get vaccinated and the public officials doing literally everything in their power to keep this virus going for who knows how long? You’re not alone!

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Emperor God
28d ago

Everyone seems to forget that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both said that they would not be vaccinated when Trump was President. That alone shows the hypocrisy of the left and the complete stupidity of the author of this article. Not to mention the the freedom people have to choose or refuse the medicine that they put in their bodies. What Biden is frustrated with is the fact that he can’t seem to manufacture a victory no matter how many times he blames Trump or hides behind the curtains of a biased media! If you demonize half the country, don’t be surprised at the resistance you receive on any issue. In fact, all the pushback and all the criticism, foreign and domestic, are his own doing, he has no one to blame but himself.

Linda Sweeney
28d ago

if Vax is stillso good why are white house staffers exempt,congressional aids exempt,and federal court workers exempt.also why were immigrants let in with open borders during a so called raging pandemic and also the one's flown in from afganistan.explain please as it all seems to defy common 🤔sense.

Juan Lopez
28d ago

Biden should not demand only request, this is our body not his. I should have the right to refuse without suffering or fear of losing my job or being punished . It's Not Right!


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