2 Now-Former Stockton Police Officers Charged In Beating During Arrest Of Teen

CBS Sacramento
CBS Sacramento

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Two former Stockton police officers were on the other side of the law, indicted Friday on assault charges for the alleged beating of a teen last December.

Both officers will report to jail Saturday morning.

San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar announced the case is being referred to the Department of Justice for civil rights violations, but the family of Stockton teen Devin Carter still claimed a small victory Friday over the local police department.

“Not many people who go through police brutality or get shot by police survive,” Carter said.

Nine months ago, Carter begged for his life. Police body camera footage released by the Carter family’s attorney shows the brutal beatdown of the then 17-year-old by four Stockton police officers.

“They will be held accountable,” family attorney John Burris said.

Burris commended Salazar for indicting two of the four officers—Omar Villadupua and Michael Stiles—on charges of assault by a public officer and assault with force.

“It does not matter who you are, what your profession, we must all be held accountable for our actions,” Salazar said.

The Stockton Police Officers Association released a statement Friday afternoon supporting the indicted officers, claiming they feared for their lives after the teenager led them on a car chase, writing, in part:

“Mr. Carter drove in excess of 100 miles per hour with no headlights on, often in opposing lanes of traffic.”

Burris says carter took off because he was in fear for his life.

“There was fear on the part of Devin when police were pursuing him,” he said. “T hat’s the kind of fear an African American man will have on a dark road when there’s no one else who can protect you and save you.”

Burris represented Rodney King 25 years ago and says he’s confident this time around his client will see justice.

“There’s no free beatings anymore,” he said.

Burris had strong words Friday, telling reporters he has not been a part of a police brutality case this severe since he represented King during his civil trial.

The indicted officers are expected to appear in court on November 11.

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Just dismayed by the number of people who think it's perfectly OK for the police to take the law into their own hands. When the citizens wind up paying a huge settlement or judgement, I guess they'll just complain about that too?!

Grade A Lee

How can you claim that you fear for your life when you and 3 others are literally beating someone to death? At what point are you no longer fearing for your life..when the victim is dead?

pete ray

only reason why the officers are being charged is because his black! he is a typical young punk.


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