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Justice Clarence Thomas, Who Upheld Texas Abortion Ban: It’s a Shame the Media Politicizes the Supreme Court

Vanity Fair
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleSupreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, arguably the bench’s most conservative member, bemoaned the politicization of judges and warned against the highest court becoming “the most dangerous” branch of government during a Thursday speech at the University of Notre Dame. “I think the media makes it sound as though you are just always going right to your personal preference. So if they think you are antiabortion or something personally, they think that’s the way you always will come out,” said the George H. W. Bush–appointed justice, per a Washington Post report. “They think you’re for this or for that. They think you become like a politician. That’s a problem. You’re going to jeopardize any faith in the legal institutions.”

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B Malone
21d ago

I Say it's time for Term LIMITS on the Supreme Court as I do on the Senate and the Congress...No One should have a Lifetime Appointment. The President is Limited to Two Terms Maximum and so it should be so for the Senate, the Congress and the Supreme Court.

Billy Wright
26d ago

it's a shame the Supreme Court isn't upholding a law that is on the books,rather they like it or not,bottom line Roe vs Wade is still law,and the Supreme Court has just opened up pandoras box

21d ago

no man and no woman has the right to tell another woman what she can do with her own body they are not the one's that have to live or wake up to the decision they made for those who don't agree can a person come into your house and tell you what you can or cannot do????


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