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If You Got the Moderna Vaccine, You're Less Likely to End Up Hospitalized With COVID Than Those Who Got Pfizer or J&J


Cover picture for the articleThe Centers for Disease Control has just released results from a head-to-head study of all three COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S., and Moderna's comes out on top when it comes to effectiveness. The study, conducted nationwide between March and August, looked at 3,689 vaccinated adults who were hospitalized...

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Vaxxed people do not develop Nucleocapsid protein antibodies. Thus they cannot take a standard Serology antibody IgG test because the vax does not create normal immunities. The medical community had to create a special "immunity" test post-vax that simply measures the presence of Spike protein antibodies programmed by the vax. Vaxxed people do not have natural immunities. By the standard pre-2020 definition of the term 'vaccine', the mRNA treatment is not a vaccine.

Paul Carroll

but I thought the government. had that all figured out ,so some vaccines work other's don't ? but we are being told to get the shot because it work's wow!

Eslie Savoy

the vaccine doesn't work he just helped spread covid people that died in from this vaccine I'll take my chances with God they going to show this vaccine right where the sun don't shine cuz it's not happening here mende do you want some it's my fourth amendment to say no it's my body and I decide what goes in and what comes out and the only other one to decides that is God himself


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