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Berlin, CT

Woman Arrested, Fired from Job After Video of Her Slapping Navy Sailor on 9/11 Anniversary Goes Viral

 29 days ago
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Lori Desjardins turned herself into police on Thursday and was charged with assault in the third degree.

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Angela Garreffa
29d ago

the biggest problem in America right now are people like her that think they know stuff but actually know nothing. The willfully ignorant think they can do anything including break laws and when they face the real consequences they hide behind things alcohol to try to not take responsibility for their actions.

Blake Tison
29d ago

I applaud the very professional and restrained conduct that the young submariner displayed. This is yet another shining example of why citizens that enjoy the blanket of freedom provided by that young man need to know their place. If she thought someone was doing something wrong, she should ha e referred it to law enforcement professionals. It is their job to figure things lile thos out through proper investigative techniques. In no way shape or form does her being a dependant of a former or active Army Soldier give her the right to be judge, jury, and executioner. All the branches of service have distictively different uniforms and if ahe had spent any time at all around Sailors, she would know the difference. I'm glad she turned herself in but to blame "mental health" issues and alcohol dependency for her reprehensible actions is a cop out from the accountability that she needs to have for her actions.

Shelda Foust
29d ago

I'm not going to say something ugly (try being the key word here). We as people should never, and I MEAN EVER disrespect a member or vet from our troops. All gave some, and some gave all. Now those who served, or are serving their courage earned respect. i am a part of a military family. my family knows our duty to be of service to our country. Supply Our Troops!!!!


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