Lil Nas X delivered his baby, 'Montero,' along with an ill-fated love story


Cover picture for the articleIt's wild to think about what a gargantuan star Lil Nas X was before he ever released an album. On September 17, the beloved musical artist finally "gave birth" to his first record, Montero, after building anticipation with a quirky and entertaining press campaign that included a pregnancy announcement, charitable registry...

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Beverly Lee

assuming baby means he dropped his new album. this young man had a hard time in his. younger years being the fact that he was homeless half the time and the people that were suppose to be there for him took advantage of him in more ways than 1. I pray God get inside him heart and change his spirit to be a straight Christian. He has so much more in himself than he realize. I'm speaking as a mother and Christian. I really love this child.

Margaret O'connor

I am speechless this is just too much for me to handle however I will not judge him but I will not indulge in the liking of this video and any others like it I guess I'm stuck in my ways but this is extremely over the top for me but this generation he's accepting of so many things but they don't realize how much of their soul they've really compromised and I will continue to pray for him not because I think he's wrong but because I know that he needs prayer in every way as we all do

Lorenzo Bordeaux

this is sad what they try so hard to impress upon our kids. I'm sick of it


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