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Trump Told Pence He 'Picked the Wrong Man' to Be His VP Over Failure to Overturn Election

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Trump reportedly knew Pence had no plans to send the election results back to states before he addressed his supporters on January 6 but continued the...

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The election wasn't rigged. If there had been any wrongdoing it should have been discovered, vetted, and produced. If anyone claims they have proof, the farther away you get from November, the less likely there is any truth in it. On the contrary, the farther away you get from the Trump presidency, the more executive privilege is stripped away from interactions that show how the former president thought if no one else but himself, and his immediate family. He tried to enrich himself and his family under the Seal of the President if the United States. This person had no education in world politics, no real understanding of government, and only a false indication of what it is to be an American. Their office of President should forever be closed to him and anyone like him. The present occupant isn't a shining example either, but at least he has an understanding of geopolitics and governmental rules and regulations. Shame on us, the American people for lowering the bar on qualifications t

Andy Sozio

Produce the evidence. Saying you don't believe Biden won you don't think anyone voted for him is not evidence just proof of your ignorance.


I remember Trump from 30+ years ago. And after watching The Apprentice I think it’s safe to say Trump is the worst judge of character I’ve ever seen.


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