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Gavin Newsom abolishes single-family zoning in California

Vallejo Times-Herald
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleIn one of his first actions after surviving an election seeking to oust him from office, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday essentially abolished single-family zoning in California — and green-lighted a series of bills intended to bolster the state’s housing production. By signing Senate Bill 9 into law, Newsom opened...

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28d ago

ANOTHER illegal act to GIVE the illegals FREE housing, while destroying property values of single family homes and trying to shove their criminals into the neighborhoods, and promote destroying the “nuclear family” way. Plus, it’s a slap to those who have worked hard to buy a home and raise their family in a single family home and neighborhood! And I bet there’s NOT going to be any of the apartments and/duplexes built into the neighborhoods of the “rich”, the big tech/big money CEO’s, etc, and the elites! WE have had several phone calls from strangers asking what price would we take to sell our house! We live in ranchette style homes with acreage of land for each home in the neighborhood. Most of the houses here are on 2 acre lot’s and these people are trying to buy us out, bulldoze the house and sub buildings, and then make duplexes or a small apartment complex. They want to move 4-8 “units” onto the land, while the houses around it are single family homes, and WILL LOSE ALL VALUE fo

28d ago

Rigged elections have consequences! but Brite side all the replacement voters from the third world are use to living on top of each other. American Marxist abound in CA government.

28d ago

Have you never heard of the long known about science experiment where in the more rats you put in a cage the more aggressive they become??So let’s just see how many people we can cram onto a small residential city existing city and feel lot.


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