Nancy Pelosi says Biden is “Perfect for now” and “knows his foreign policy” after botched Afghanistan withdrawal

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U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave President Joe Biden a rave review in light of his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that...

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Eva Hannah

Let me count the ways this so called president has not helped the country.1. Afghanistan debacle which 13 American soldier lost their lives. 2. Giving the taliban a list of remaining Americans and the people that helped us out.3. Letting terrorist from Afghanistan into this country 44 last I heard.4. Opened boarders for all5. Mandating vaccine 6. Raised gas prices7 Raised taxes8. Has not addressed the riots in this country still going on.9. Raised unemployment 10. The list goes on.

Julian Hudson

Biden's needs to be on the dementia wing of a nursing home or maybe behind bars for exploiting his terms as V.P. in order to get rich. Either way he shouldn't be in office but the Democrats needed him so that they could win. They knew he wasn't fit but cheating was preferable to losing with honor. They're still covering for him to this day.


He's perfect for now for a good laugh! Although, she's running a close 2nd!! Besides, what has she ever done? Pretty much useless, the both of them!!


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