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A Female Boxer Died After a Knockout. Mexicans Are Asking Why She Was in the Ring.

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Backed into a corner of the ring, Jeanette Zacarias took a jab to the chin, then a hook to the temple. She held up her pink gloves to deflect a storm of punches until a feeble attempt at a counterattack left her open to a devastating blow that snapped her head...

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Unknown Number

who was she fighting a real female or a guy that wants to be and acts like a female?


Let's see. Zacarias was an 18 year-old woman adult, right? CHECK. And, um...we've just ascertained that Zacarias was a woman, right? CHECK. And, Zacarias' Mexican descent meant that she was, shall we say, "muy muy machisima," correctamundo? Si, absolutamente!! Alright, with all of THAT in consideration let's ask just one more question here. Was there anyone outside the ring that MADE Ms. Zacarias step into the ring for this right? Ahhh, no. BINGO!! It's all over. There are no blameful obligations to consider as Zacarias was simply exercising her free human right and spirit to do as she pleased REGARDLESS of any previous injuries sustained. Sad that she suffered, but a free will is all that is needed to determine a path of desire. If Zacarias would have knocked out the other fighter......would we be having this conversation today. NOPE.


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