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China spews attack on new US nuclear sub pact with Australia – here’s what they said

Cover picture for the articleChina on Thursday attacked the new Australia, United Kingdom, and United Statues (AUKUS) nuclear-powered submarine technology partnership announced by President Joe Biden on Wednesday. China compared the partnership to the Cold War era and accused the U.S. of amplifying an arms race. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during...

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UNTIL and unless there is a full and independent investigation of whether the chinese virus was deliberately created or was part of biological weapons research, Biden, progressive Democrats, and China is a enemy of the world. They deserve no respect, no trust, no consideration. All assets owned by China or it's citizens outside of China need to be seized to pay the world for the costs of the virus: even if this seizure breaks China.   Progressive democrats like the bidens, the obama's and the clinton's, should be considered chinese agents and enemies until there is an investigation. If it is proven that the Chinese virus was part of biological weapon development, that people should be executed as in Nuremberg.......Justice is a demanding mistress and she must be served even if it destroys the guilty.


We already know that the virus came from China trying to move the bio weapon in China try to destroy our country with it

Kenneth Pemberton

the world needs to stop backing down everytime China makes a threat it's time to stand up to them a flex our muscles


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