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Nick Saban offers words of warning to Alabama fans
David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has a strong message for fans ahead of Saturday’s matchup against Florida. Despite Alabama being No. 1 in the latest AP Poll and being 2-0 after two strong weeks, Saban doesn’t want fans to get complacent. Saban wants fans to have respect for the opponents in order to maintain a strong level of enthusiasm throughout the year.

It is no secret to anybody that Alabama is the biggest powerhouse in college football and has been for some time now. Despite this, Saban wants everyone, including players and fans, to have a level of humility.

“Humility is a great thing,” Saban said on Thursday. “I always say the sweet potato doesn’t have to tell anybody how sweet it is. But I think that it’s important for the fans to remember that it’s a very difficult league that we play in. I think we have a team right now that has not yet proven that it can play 60 minutes. When we have done things well, we have been very good. But there’s been times when we have not done things well where we become pretty ordinary.”

Saban wants to see Alabama play more consistently

When Alabama faces Florida on Saturday, it will be the Crimson Tide’s toughest challenge of the season so far. Saban wants to make sure that fans don’t get complacent, otherwise the level of passion and support could easily decrease if things don’t go the way they want it to.

“It’s important for us to be able to show that we can play with that kind of consistency in a game which is going to be especially challenging against better teams. Because this team that Florida has is the best team that we’ve played to this point relative to the players they have and how they’re coached and the success they’ve had at this point.

“When fans start to think that way, it’s not good. They become complacent, they’re not as supportive, they don’t have the same passion and spirit, they take things for granted no different than a player would. I think that’s probably not good. And I enjoy it when people have great passion and enthusiasm and they understand that every year is a new challenge and every year each team needs to be supported.”

Saban: Fans should have more respect for Alabama’s opponents

When talking about his message to fans, Saban said that he tells his players all the time that if you don’t put in the work to achieve success, you won’t be successful. This becomes a lot easier if fans can maintain the strong level of support that the team expects of them throughout the season.

“I say it all the time, but everything I say about our team that’s not really positive, the media kind of makes fun of it. But what’s the truth? I tell the players this all the time, there’s going to be a time in your life when you have to face the truth. You can’t kid yourself anymore about what you’re doing. You got all these dreams and visions about what you want to do. But that’s all it is – a dream if there’s not any action to create the habits that you need to be able to have the success that you want to have.

“It’s no different for our team. I think the encouragements that we get from our fans and the more respect they have for the people that we play, they’re not going to be so frustrated if things don’t go exactly the way we want them to go.”

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Kerry Marvelle Hill

Real fans understand you're not gonna win every game. this will be a test for Alabama if you all dont understand that

Luke&Robin Thompson

Saban is really the best most respectful coach of all time! Roll Tide Roll 🌊🌊🐘🐘🏈🏈!!


Love our Bama guy's they play their Heart's out Roll Tide Roll


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