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The non-Trump GOP erodes a little further

Washington Post
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe announcement came exactly as you might expect of a former star for the Ohio State Buckeyes: white text on a scarlet background, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez’s name on a gray background at the top. Its message was also one that would be familiar to Buckeye fans, given that it amounted to an unexpected loss.

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John Obrien
29d ago

It is going to get to the point a lot of people who were part of Donald Trump’s Administration. They are going to come out against his beliefs and his poor tactics that don’t Represent the Republican Party. You have 2 People who don’t want to support the Republican Party anymore. Olivia Troye and now Anthony Gonzales. They were true Conservative Republican Party Members. They don’t want to represent the Republican Party anymore because of Donald Trump’s Tactics. Trump needs to be be thrown out of the Republican Party. There are others but it is true is that Trump is the real Cancer destroying the Republican Party. There are many others. Trump has told too many lies and doesn’t properly represent the Republican Party. He says he lives the uneducated. That is not someone who truly Represents the Republican Party. Eventually Donald Trump will be tarnished by his actions on January 6th at the Capitol Building. His Treasonous Actions are destroying American Democracy.

28d ago

Unfortunate. Another result of DJT lies and vindictiveness. He calls ppl RINOs, when it is him that is one, joining only for the nomination. The man has always drained and destroyed anything he touches.

Denise Jett
28d ago

trump has cost the republican party so much. he shows up we vote against his pick. it's not going to stop. we are the majority. we work we raise our kids. we don't protest we vote. republican party should wise up.


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