Left for dead: How Murphy’s refusal to allocate billions in federal aid is killing NJ

New Jersey Herald

Cover picture for the articleTake a look at how many of our local small businesses have been helped by the state: less than 10%. We are witnessing the second great apathy from Gov. Phil Murphy. Despite having billions of federal dollars sitting around just like last summer, almost none of it is being used to...

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Mister Swanson

Murphy is depending completely upon partisanship and weak minds to get him reelected. He's a lousy governor, who is now running a campaign based on lies (Ciattarelli has never been a Trump supporter as Murphy's ad claims). The reality is that the man hates our elderly, killing them off with his directives during Covid, and has lowered our quality of life as our taxes continue to climb while he reduced the state economy nearly to ashes. He also loves catering to special interest, as shown with how buddy-buddy he is with the NJEA, our state's largest special interest group. The man is cancer and NJ needs to go desperately into remission.

Joanne Rose

that's right two more months not even and he will be gone remember it during election come November Murphy did not help us when we needed it so what makes you think he will help you later LOL he will not if he can help you in your worst times. he's worried about all that money going with him but he's going to be investigated everybody's going to start protesting and make enough noise to get him investigated & petitions there's already a plan in process they waited to see what he was going first... Anyways will come nobody's going to sit on their hands and let this happen they have nothing to lose you never mess with people that have nothing to lose

Brenda Sieira

yes you are there a so many people seniors, vets. si gle or marriage vouple with no children and you don't give them anything!!! all these States giving aid. monthly payments. rental assistance is not being given out.


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