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Calling Trump a 'cancer,' prominent Republican to walk away from Congress

 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleTwo words were so closely associated with Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzales that I started to think they were part of his name: "rising star." The Ohio congressman was a young former football star with an MBA from Stanford whose political career appeared to have limitless potential. That is, until January....

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Be Kind
30d ago

If he is choosing to call it quits, what does that say about how big a problem we are facing? The corruption must be much more widespread than we thought.

uncle grape
30d ago

Trump is a Cancer, and that's being kind. being allowed to destroy the gop should be a concern. the gop civil war has started. they are already bring their trailer trash fight to our streets. the question is who is going to be left to nobly lead our country out of this?

30d ago

The Republican Party is clearly being torn down from within. Doesn't even need the Democratic Party to do this job. This is surely going to be a win for the Democrats.


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