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1,200 Afghan refugees to resettle in Missouri

KSHB 41 Action News
KSHB 41 Action News
 29 days ago

Approximately 1,200 Afghan refugees will resettle in Missouri.

According to Gov. Mike Parson's office, the refugees are being relocated through contracted nonprofit agencies within the state.

Extensive background checks and biometric data are collected on the refugees before their move.

The governor's office said those who are being resettled under the Special Visa are Afghans who assisted U.S. military efforts in the War on Terror and are deemed "at-risk" if they stay in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

Nearly half of those resettling will end up in the Kansas City area.

One Kansas City agency will assist 250 refugees and another agency will assist 300.

Columbia will receive 300 refugees and another 350 will resettle in St. Louis.

The governor's office noted the initial numbers are subject to change.

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Nelda Davis
29d ago

Lord we have to be very careful until we know what that are going to do. I don’t trust them. Sorry not sorry because Taliban have a history of violence.

Kimberly Yoder
29d ago

We don't take care of our own Veterans but we continue to bring in every other countries problems! This I have a problem with. We need to take care of our own citizens first before we drag everyone else's over here.

Lonnie Allen
29d ago

oh good American taxpayers will be forced to feed house and free medical for Islamic cult members. While there is thousands and thousands of homeless American citizens and veterans. Oh good.


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