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Sports quiz of the week: US Open, Champions League and Ryder Cup

The Guardian
The Guardian

  1. Emma Raducanu’s victory at the US Open made her one of the youngest grand slam winners in history. Who is the youngest?

    1. Serena Williams

    2. Boris Becker

    3. Martina Hingis

    4. Rafa Nadal

  2. Raducanu returned home this week after what she called "a whirlwind of an experience". What did she do on her first night back in Bromley?

    1. She went to Hayes Lane to see Bromley FC play (and lose 3-2 to Boreham Wood)

    2. She watched a replay of her US Open final victory

    3. She went to the Churchill Theatre to see a production of Fame

    4. She had a game of table tennis with Andy Murray

  3. Raducanu was not the only Briton who enjoyed success at the US Open. Wheelchair tennis players Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett won the men’s doubles event. What was particularly impressive about their victory?

    1. At 17, they are both younger than Raducanu

    2. They have won all four slams this year

    3. They also won gold medals at the Olympics – in wheelchair basketball

    4. They also met in the final of the singles event, with Reid beating Hewett 6-4, 6-3

  4. The Swedish footballer Rami Kaib will not be available to play for Dutch side Heerenveen this weekend. Why not?

    1. He has been given the weekend off to audition for the Eurovision Song Contest

    2. He has been elected as mayor of his home city and has to attend his inauguration

    3. He has been given permission to travel to the US to attend the Ryder Cup – something he negotiated when he signed a new contract last year

    4. He broke his jaw while eating a carrot


    Pádraig Harrington has announced the 12 golfers who will represent Europe in the Ryder Cup. Which of these countries has not provided a player for the team?

    1. Northern Ireland

    2. Norway

    3. Austria

    4. Scotland

  6. How many of the 12 players in the Europe team are ranked the world's top 10?

    1. None

    2. One

    3. Eight

    4. Ten

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo made his 177th appearance in the Champions League this week, equalling a record set by which of his former teammates?

    1. Ryan Giggs

    2. Raúl

    3. Paul Scholes

    4. Iker Casillas


    Christopher Nkunku scored a hat-trick for RB Leipzig in their 6-3 defeat to Manchester City in the Champions League this week. Who else has scored a hat-trick in a Champions League game in Manchester while playing for the losing team?

    1. Michael Owen

    2. Sergio Agüero

    3. David Beckham

    4. Ronaldo

  9. What did Barcelona do this week for the first time in their history?

    1. They lost 3-0 at home

    2. They failed to have a shot on target in a Champions League match

    3. They lost three La Liga games in a row

    4. They put out a team that did not contain a player who was developed in their academy

  10. The surfing season reached its climax this week in California, where the 10 best surfers of the year gathered to compete for the men’s and women’s titles in the World Surf League Finals. Why was the final delayed for 15 minutes?

    1. Donald Trump turned up and the surfers said they would not compete until he left the beach

    2. A US Navy submarine passed by the beach and it was not safe to surf

    3. There was an influx of jellyfish on the beach

    4. An eight-foot shark had to be cleared from the beach


1:C - Hingis was 16 when she won Wimbledon in 1997. Tracy Austin became the youngest US Open champion in 1979, also as a 16-year-old. Michael Chang is the youngest male winner of a slam, having won the French Open at 17., 2:B - "I rewatched the final and tried to relive a couple of the moments and remember how it felt, but it’s still such a whirlwind of an experience," she said. "I’ve loved every moment of it. It is something that is very difficult to fully comprehend. When I was watching it, it almost feels like that’s not me who’s playing and pulling off some of those shots.", 3:B - The pair also won the three slams that went ahead last year (the Australian Open, French Open and US Open)., 4:D - The Dutch journalist Roelof de Vries broke the story, saying: "Well, he ate a carrot and that carrot was quite hard. And then, crack – broken jaw. A carrot!", 5:D - The team contains six Englishmen, two Spaniards, an Irishman, a Northern Irishman, a Norwegian and an Austrian., 6:B - Just Jon Rahm, who is top of the rankings., 7:D - Ronaldo has scored 135 goals in those 177 games, winning the competition five times., 8:D - Ronaldo scored all three goals for Real Madrid when they were beaten 4-3 by United at Old Trafford in 2003. Real won the quarter-final tie on aggregate., 9:B - Barcelona were beaten 3-0 by Bayern Munich at Camp Nou. If anything, the 3-0 scoreline flattered them. Bayern had 17 shots, seven of which were on target., 10:D - Carissa Moore won the women’s event and Gabriel Medina won the men’s event.


  1. 1 and above.

    Ah well. Better luck next week

  2. 2 and above.

    Ah well. Better luck next week

  3. 3 and above.

    Ah well. Better luck next week

  4. 4 and above.

    Ah well. Better luck next week

  5. 5 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a good weekend

  6. 6 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a good weekend

  7. 7 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a good weekend

  8. 8 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a great weekend

  9. 9 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a great weekend

  10. 0 and above.

    Ah well. Better luck next week

  11. 10 and above.

    Nicely done. Have a great weekend

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