Iowa Poll examines vaccine mandates, masks in schools and Chuck Grassley’s 2022 election

Hawk Eye

Cover picture for the articleA new Iowa Poll will explore Gov. Kim Reynolds’ job approval on the ongoing pandemic, economy and education. Findings on those questions regarding the Republican governor and others will be released on beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday and will appear in the...

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Michael M

The Des Moines Register used to be the ( Gold Standard ) for Political polling. The Des Moines has become so politically motivated by it's own Bias they are no longer trustworthy. The RADICAL LIBERALS have taken over and their articles daily proven this. The FAKE NEWS Narrative has shown up in their circulation. Today the Des Moines Register readership is at the lowest levels ever. This now is a completely compromised LIBERAL Propaganda newspaper. They don't represent the Values of Iowans. That is why so many people have canceled their subscription. The bias of their stories show up on the front page and throughout the pages. They editorialize hard NEWS to fit their own bias for all things LIBERAL. They have ruined the Once Great Paper. This is why thier Polls will not be and have not been the Gold Standard for a long time.


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