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See What’s Inside an Abandoned Missouri Hospital and Sanatorium

KICK AM 1530
KICK AM 1530
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This Missouri building has played many roles over the years. It was once a sanatorium to treat tuberculosis. Over its lifetime, it would also be a hospital and veteran's home. Now, it's been left abandoned with many items from its past remaining behind. Asylum Projects documents much of what...

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Angela Garreffa

when your are poor people don't realize how hart it is to get wheelchairs if you need one. If you go through the months of red tape you finally get one and it's usually the cheapest kind and your luck if it will even last a year even though you can't replace it for 4 years. Many of these abandon facilities have wheelchairs and other equipment just lying around and it was from a time when things were built to last. If you doubt this watch any of those ghost hunter style shows on tv and you'll see this stuff .


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