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Mocking Trump, Pelosi says 2024 run means he'd be 'impeached twice and defeated twice'

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi mocked the possibility of former President Donald Trump running again in 2024. The California Democrat made jabs at Trump during an event at Cambridge University on Thursday when talking about the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. "I reference him from time to time as...

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Bob Cal

with all the problems we have in this country and these people are still focused on President Trump wow they themselves have to continually put him down because they know how good of a president he was and they can't stand it rent free in all their heads

Dorothy Neluna

Pelosi showing her colors of hatred again she needs to be put in her place she does not speak for all Americans she needs to stop threatening everyone

Chris Lemmons

sounds like if he wins again the old bat is already planning to use her same fraudulent strategies all over again. imagine what he could have accomplished without the constant legal battles sent by pelosi and her propaganda wing. he may not have been the best president or the best example for the presidency, but he is one of the few presidents that actually kept campaign promises, or really tried to fulfill them with unprecedented attacks from both sides in some cases. he failed to defeat the adversity in some cases, but managed to do a lot of what he said he would. most politicians, just lie and never even try to fulfill their promises. other politicians could learn a few things from Trump in that aspect.


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