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'Truth About God' is a valuable resource

Kingsport Times-News
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAt one time, it probably seemed like most of your family and everyone around you from your next-door neighbors to the mailman to the lunch lady knew and believed in God. Lately, it seems like less and less people are committed to a local church, and even less seem to be interested in a personal relationship with Jesus.

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29d ago

There is not now, nor has there EVER been the tiniest shred of PROOF that a god or gods of any sort exists, or have EVER existed.

Prince of Peace ✝️
28d ago

👉Thanksgiving for God’s Word🙏Father of lights, we give you thanksgiving for your holy word. Blessed are you, O Lord, for teaching us your way. We are joyful when we follow your laws. We hide your word in our hearts, so we won’t sin against you. We rejoice in your scripture, for it contains great wealth. We study and reflect on your ways. Our eyes delight to see the wonderful truths in your instructions. We thank you for your pleasant words, for they give good advice. Amen.☝️👑✝️😃

29d ago

Religion appears to be a dying breed. For the first time in America is below 50%. It’s down to 32% in the world. Now without taking the vaccine more will die decreasing christianity even more. Most churches in America are filled with the elderly, which decreases membership. Those people between 18 to 40 believe in the fluidity and not with any religion . The evangelicals are not looked at favorably as they being only hate of people not like themselves. The evangelicals now have white supremacy and Nazi within the fold. The because of the evangelicals young adults are and still moving further away from any religion particularly organized religion. Many young adults believe only in the words of Jesus, where they can interpret it themselves. christianity has put their face into politics which those same 18 to 40 which believe separation of religion and state governments. Evangelicals are destroying America and must be stopped one way or the other. These are facts. Not just


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