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US should warn China: Target the Australian mainland, we'll target yours

Washington Examiner
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleResponding to the new "AUKUS" security agreement , China says it will target the Australian mainland in the event of war. In an editorial on Wednesday, the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda newspaper the Global Times didn't hold back. "Once the Australian army fights the People's Liberation Army in the Taiwan Straits or the South China Sea," it warned , "military targets in Australia will inevitably become targets of Chinese missiles. Since Australia has become an anti-China spearhead, the country should prepare for the worst." The Global Times clarified that "China will certainly punish [Australia] with no mercy."

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* Waterlec
28d ago

Don't EXPECT the FATHER ( JOE BIDEN ) of the guy ( HUNTER BIDEN ) who SMOKED CRACK with Chinese minors ( on FILM) to DO ANYTHING about the CCP 🇨🇳. China ALREADY PAID THEM OFF .... Now just shut your mouth Granpa ( Biden ) and let the CCP DO whatever it WANTS.

Robert Adkins
15d ago

why does China always push the small guys around. and then start sucking wind when one of the bigger countries step in


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