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New York City, NY

Usain Bolt has message for Sha’Carri Richardson about trash talk

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
 30 days ago
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Usain Bolt has a message for Sha’Carri Richardson regarding her trash talk. The retired Jamaican sprinting legend was interviewed by the New York Post to promote his new music album. In the interview, Bolt talked about Richardson, who is a top American sprinter in the 100 m. Bolt says Richardson...

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Theotis Brown
29d ago

Usani Bolt is right she talk to much put all of that energy in traning and quit hating on the Jamicans track team my respect to them they are the best in track and field and they have class

30d ago

Go back to orange hair you clown. You deserved last. You showed you were never ment to compete as an Olympian. If only you had as much class as Usain. Take notes.

Teresa Ann Patterson
29d ago

I agree with Usani Bolt.. Let your race on the Track do your speaking for you.. Ok you were not able to run in the Olympics, you bought that on yourself.. Everyone had the Rules & Regulation.. And they haven't changed over the years. Not even when I ran Track.. You get tested in High School, College, AAU & Ect. But when she has her next Big meet she was not ready. And then try to take it out on other people. Like The Jamaican Ladies Track Team.. Put all this Energy on yourself.. She needs to stay out of the Media. So she can get back to where she was..


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