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Idaho State

A doctor called coronavirus vaccines ‘fake.’ Now he sits on an Idaho regional health board.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleLeaders of Idaho’s most populous county were deluged with constituent emails last month as they prepared to choose the newest member of a once-obscure regional health board. A former president of the American Academy of Family Physicians who served on the board for 15 years had just been let go over...

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James Widdifield

He didn't call them fake. He called them 'untested'... I trust Dr Cole because he has the data and lab testing to verify his claims. And in two years, only 2 of his patients out of 100,000 passed away and they were very advanced in age and had preexisting conditions. He is only controversial because he prescribes Ivermectin, which works very well for treatment against Covid.

Diane Cox

it is our God given right to choose how we want to live or did .we put it in the Father's hands and be me Biden and the rest of the crew just want the power and not concerned with people choice!they are communists in their view points!

Toby Huer

The doctors at our hospitals are now having to make decisions about who to care for based on patients’ chances of survival (among other criteria). And they have long communicated the unvaccinated make up most of the hospitalized COVID cases and COVID related deaths. If you don’t want to be vaccinated or even if you are vaccinated, please start wearing masks as a courtesy to others to slow the spread of this airborne illness.


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