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500 Million Year Old Sea Creature Straight Out of Outer Space Discovered in Canada
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You’ve heard of and seen fossils before but none like this. Scientists recently discovered an all-new fossil in the Canadian Rockies and we are hardcore nerding out. The strange alien-like creature possesses more head than body and appears straight out of an extraterrestrial environment. Scientifically deemed as the Titanokorys gainesi, the creature roamed the seas about half-a-billion years ago.

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Edward Izbackok
30d ago

they could serious still be down there crawling on the ocean floor! there's something like 90% or more we haven't yet explored in our oceans. we may never explore them completely.

Gabi Wenzelow
26d ago

WOW, Amazing, There are many things between the heavens the Earth and the sea that haven't even been discovered yet!

Larry Morse
13d ago

I cant believe the people who take the time and the skills and there devotionto make these fossils pop i give u a standing salute and a thank you u are miracle. peoplei


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