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Why nearly half of states are threatening to sue President Joe Biden over the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for businesses

Deseret News
Deseret News
 30 days ago
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Calling President Joe Biden’s plan “disastrous,” Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is among two dozen Republican attorneys general threatening to sue the president if his proposed vaccination mandate for large companies takes effect. The 24 attorneys general sent a seven-page letter to the president Thursday warning that a lawsuit will...

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30d ago

it's going to do more harm than good. believe you me, businesses are scared as is with product shortages and already contending with being understaffed, the last thing they want is to lose more people.

Linda Wilson
29d ago

All states need to sue him!!! HE has to be stopped someway! He cannot force these mandates legally so he needs to be stopped by any means so all states need to sue.

29d ago

As they all should. Heath decisions are left to the states per the constitution, not the federal government. They will all win any lawsuits.


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