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Montgomery County, PA

Man confesses to killing girlfriend; body found near trail in Lower Providence Township: Sources

6abc Action News
6abc Action News
 28 days ago A woman's body was discovered Thursday in Montgomery County after a man confessed to killing his girlfriend, sources confirm to Action News.

The discovery was made near the Schuylkill River Trail's Betzwood Trailhead in Lower Providence Township.

Sources say the man walked into the Upper Darby Police Department saying, "You want to talk to me because I want to talk to you about killing my girlfriend."

The suspect allegedly stabbed the woman to death on the trail over the weekend.

Action News was there as the suspect led investigators to the body while he was secured in handcuffs and shackles.

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office says the Delaware County man is currently in custody and being questioned. No charges have been filed at this time.

Officers in Upper Darby Township searched the suspect's home located on the 200 block of Copley Road.

Talia Dean lives next door and says those living in the suspect's home kept to themselves.

"Everyone is kind of surprised. We've been on the block for about 20 plus years and we've never seen anything like this," she said.

The victim is not being identified at this time. An autopsy by the Montgomery County Coroner's Office is scheduled for Friday morning.

Anyone with information regarding this incident in Lower Providence Township is asked to call the Montgomery County Detectives' Tip Line at 610-278-DOIT (3648).

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Jackie Bernard
28d ago

Sometimes they're the kind of neighbors you wonder about, they kept to themselves. I get that some people are just a little strange, but it seems nobody knows their neighbors anymore, its a whole different era. When i was a kid everybody on my street knew each other, we hung out together, and you knew every family and their names. We would even vacation together with our friends across the street. Today nobody even has block parties anymore.

28d ago

Coward Women Killers who no longer face the Death Penalty... Bring back the old days where you paid a heavy price for killing.

Truth Sets U Free
29d ago

I think he should have done to him what he did to her!! An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, is what our judicial system should start doing; but only for those that are 100% guilty without a question of a doubt!!!


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