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Larry Elder tried his own Big Lie. He did Democrats — and democracy — a favor.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleWill Wilkinson publishes the Model Citizen newsletter. He is a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute. This week, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom crushed the bid to oust him from office by a roughly 27-percentage-point, 2.5 million-vote margin, with around three-quarters of votes counted as of Wednesday. Unseating Newsom was...

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Randy Mackey

So now since Trump "Yelled " "Voter Fraud", "The Election was Stolen" when he lost; Everyime a Republican loses an Election, the 1st thing they're going to say is VOTER FRAUD!! It's not that they were the less popular candidate, but they lost because the "Election Was Stolen"!!! (in Elders case,.he screamed Voter Fraud, before the Election even took place)!!

Island Traveler Ly

Yes he did. He showed how to quit beforehand then come back, and lie about it. Dude if you throw in the towel beforehand you lose absolutely EVERY right too complain now sit in your corner, and shut it.


It's funny how all the republican party, doesn't matter who they are, my neighbor, co-worker, family member are exactly alike narcissists!!! From Trump to Elders to Lindell To Giuliani, Powell and so forth. Let's all prepare for 2024 when they lose again or just ask them now if they're going to win then and I'm sure their comment will be,"If it's not rigged, I'll win".........


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