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Box of Abandoned Puppies Left for Dead in Michigan Field For Days

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94.9 WMMQ
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A crate full of puppies were recently found alone in a vacant Detroit field. There were six puppies, only 8 weeks old just dumped like they were nothing more than garbage. A lot of times I don't like to talk about these kinds of stories because it truly breaks my heart and pisses me off but at the same time, I think people need to be aware that this crap happens. It makes me sick to think that someone could just walk away from an animal and just leave them for dead.

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Diane Conz
24d ago

What kinda monster does this ? I hate people so much. I loose sleep over stuff like this. They should be anandoned on a deserted island !!

Elsie Candelaria

Dogs spell backwards is God. Respect God creation!


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