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Oklahoma State Fair Mask and Vaccination Requirements

107.3 PopCrush
107.3 PopCrush
 30 days ago
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Today's the day, the Oklahoma State Fair is officially open! The state fair will be going on in Oklahoma City at the OKC Fairgrounds starting today until Sunday, September 26th (09-26-21). Last year it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since there was no state fair last year organizers are interested to see how big or small the crowd gets. I'm betting it'll be a near record year. People are ready to get back to "normal."

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Samantha Ray-Luster
30d ago

I'm good with the fair. Have fun with that. It's way to risky being shoulder to shoulder with so many people. It's like asking to get sick. 😷

Shaun Chambers
30d ago

Thank God we live in a state that isn't lead by the communist left

30d ago

i love Oklahoma. that's freedom to make your own choice.💯💪✔🇺🇸


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