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New York City, NY

#ShaniceYoung Black Woman Fatally Shot At Her Baby Shower While Nine Months Pregnant, Ex-Boyfriend Arrested


Last Sunday, 31-year-old Shanice Young was shot in the head in Harlem, New York. She was nine months pregnant and excited to welcome her third child. In fact, she had been walking home from her own baby shower when she was shot right in front of her daughter.

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Now, police have arrested the suspected shooter who is believed to be Young’s ex-boyfriend.

“A pregnant woman, coming home from her baby shower, who was shot and killed. In cold blood. By someone that she knew,” NYPD Officer Amir Yakatally told ABC 7 . “He is someone who had a firearm and felt comfortable using it.”

Yakatally was speaking of 40-year-old Justin Soriano who’s finally in custody.

Source: NYPD

Soriano, 40, was picked up at a Bronx home by the borough’s Warrants Squad around 1 a.m. Sunday, reports The New York Post . He was taken to Harlem’s 32 Precinct, where charges are allegedly pending.

Young, who had another child besides the daughter who witnessed her killing, and was also caring for her two younger siblings, was reportedly taking gifts from her baby shower into the lobby of her apartment building when Soriano, who neighbors identified as Young’s ex, got into a physical altercation with the father of Young’s unborn child.

According to ABC, authorities were told by witnesses that one of the two men had a gun. Initially, authorities thought the gun “accidentally went off” and struck Young, but now cops believe that the suspect “targeted her” after she tried to break up the fight .

“Shanice was a victim,” Young’s sister Metania told ABC . “She had two [children], and the third one died with her.”

On Monday, elected officials and community leaders joined friends and family members of Young for a vigil at the site of the tragic shooting. The vigil was organized by nonprofit groups including Harlem Mothers SAVE and W.A.R.M. (We All Really Matter).

“I’m broken. I’m broken and I miss her. I miss her so much,” Young’s father, Thurman Young, said during the vigil, according to Spectrum News NY . “My daughter was the most beautifulest woman in the world. She stepped up when her mother died, took care of her little sister and her brother.”

R.I.P. Shanice Young.

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wayne malone

they really need to start using a firing squad or some other type of death penalty. and make it public and quick. no more years and years on death row.

ZoAnn Sites

RIP Shanice, Condolences to her grieving father and family.Why would he have to kill her and her baby? The violence that is happening now is just insane, we need law an order restored. Prayers for her family to have peace and strength for the difficult days ahead. So sorry this has happened, a beautiful lady..

Purple Zebra
30d ago

So unfortunately sad... These men who cannot let go will do just about anything to see the woman suffers. She clearly moved on long ago to be near giving birth to another man's child but the ex has been holding on to pay her back for whatever reason. He will have his day indeed!! May she rest in heaven and my heart goes out to her other children and siblings she was caring for as well.


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