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Analysis: Investors brace for a great fall in China

Cover picture for the articleLONDON (Reuters) – International investors that have been piling into China in recent years are now bracing for one of its great falls as the troubles of over-indebted property giant China Evergrande come to a head. The developer’s woes have been snowballing since May. Dwindling resources set against 2 trillion...

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In the back door

This is the huge risk you get investing in China. They don’t reveal corporate debt and their books aren’t open like other public traded companies. They don’t play by the same rules, so you’re stupidly is your loss.

Brian Patterson

This is not surprising. As 4 of the last globe spanning viral infections have originated in China, consumers around the world are spurning Chinese products. It makes no sense to any people or country, other than China, that they can be so careless, (or worse) without some backlash from the rest of the world..There is no nation that has refused Chinese product. It lies entirely with the consumer. We simply prefer to buy from Japan, Korea, or Taiwan. Lashing out against a nation for boycott of goods would be ineffective.I operated a business based on Chinese power tools for 14 years. I found their products to be exemplary. As of now, I have not knowingly purchased any Chinese products since February 2020.

Jack Jakoski

The Market up for no reason in the pandemic time it was all manipulated by traders, time to face a giant crash harder than 1929. time to jump off the twin towers traders--:)


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