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Gaetz, Boebert, 25 Other Republicans Demand Army Investigate Milley After Controversial Calls

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Republicans said Thursday that if the allegations about the calls are true, Milley's "pledge to China is nothing less than outright...

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Mike Jahns

The act of communicating with the enemy without permission from the commander in chief is the very definition of treason. Regardless of his opinion of President Trump and his views on this so called insurrection and whether or not Trump was involved this General had no right or authority to act on his own. I would think that blaming Trump for everything that has happened lately is getting to be a worn out excuse for the ongoing incompetence of the Biden administration and their failure after failure. Here in St Louis today we put to rest one of his failures in the burial of one of the 13 Marines who lost his life in Afghanistan. He was given a lot of respect and buried with full military honors as hundreds lined the highway with our flag in had to salute this young man. His blood and the blood of so many others is on the hands of Biden and his incapable advisers.

Bob Amico

Fire him for undermining Trump? The same Trump that released 5000 Taliban prisoners, the same Trump who signed a secret order in early January to immediately withdraw troops from Afghanistan and give Putin, who has supported the Taliban against America, exactly what he wanted? The same Trump that had a private meeting with Russia Removing everyone but the Russians from the meeting? The same Trump that sided with Putin over America about Russian hacking of our elections? The same Trump who let Russian hooked to pee on him?

Patrick Martin

if milley did call his Chinese communist counterpart and told him that hevwould give him a heads up if Trump gave the order to attack China then he needs to go. he should be charged with treason and conspiring with the enemy. that's not even saying that he disgraced the uniform he wears.


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