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After Shooting Son And Leaving Him Bleeding For 2 Hours, Lawyer Outraged Over Censure

Cover picture for the articleAbove the Law writes about a lot of wild things that happen to lawyers. That’s kinda our bread and butter. So, maybe I’m a bit jaded. But this disciplinary case against New Jersey attorney Annmarie Smits really floored me. Smits recently received a censure from the New Jersey Supreme Court — despite the Disciplinary Review Board’s recommendation for a more severe 3-month suspension — after shooting her son and not taking him to a hospital for treatment.

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Holly Marie Gilbert

Wow what a class A Mother she deserves jail time and should have her kid taken away that what will happen to anyone else if this would happen to them

Jayne Petersen

she needs to be sentenced for reckless endangerment and child abuse resulting in injury. why the he'll didn't she call 911? was she drinking? wow poor kid!

Katie MacNeil
13d ago

This woman needs to be in an institution, in fact, both do. Where was their concern or empathy for this young man? This is far from normal or acceptable. Poor kid.


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