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Arizona lobbyist says former Trump press secretary told her election fraud claims were bogus

Cover picture for the articlePHOENIX -- A prominent Arizona lobbyist said former White House press secretary and veteran Arizona politico Stephanie Grisham told her that the fraud rumors that gained traction after the 2020 election were false. POLITICO Playbook reported Wednesday that lobbyist Gretchen Jacobs texted Grisham on Dec. 12, a little more...

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Thinking It Through ?

Well like we didn’t know that already. Trump only lies when his mouth is moving. Trump supporters are just the same as he is and belong in mental institutions.

Green Jumper

It's Trump's Alternates Reality shows because it's in his blood, he couldn't help it.

Janice Childress
30d ago

Da,💜Politico, however Stephanie Grisholm's book doing well? Plus she has lawsuits pending. Problem is the former Whitehouse undermining the validity of elections is costing every Maricopa County voter their identity/privacy/secret ballot. Even shipping to Montana, probably for further Gerrymandering use too. How PA, WI will allow Cyber Ninja types to manipulate sacred ballots is beyond democratic belief! This is not a sporting game D.C. PASS VOTING LAW, whatever you want to call it, YESTERDAY 💜🇺🇸


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