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Why ‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Dustin Tavella Will Not Actually Receive $1 Million
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe wait is over, and the America’s Got Talent winner of season 16 is magician Dustin Tavella. With the audience cheering and gold confetti falling, Dustin thanked everyone for helping him become AGT’s next champion. "Thank you guys so much. This is absolutely amazing. I never thought I’d be here," Dustin said.

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Donna Demers Maddock
29d ago

Probably better not to win. They will be in Vegas, making more than the winner. Can’t believe $1 million turns into $300, thousand. Before taxes. Josh Blue was awesome. Glad I have him on tape. Great laughs.

Danny Gossett
28d ago

Prizes on any show are over inflated vs reality, but the main point of being on this kind of show is to put your brand out there to help your career down the road. Truthfully, not many winners are huge successes for one reason or another, but all of them are having better careers than if they didn’t go on the show at all.

Julie Fisher
28d ago

Although Josh didn't win....Josh is available! Lets get him an HBO SPECIAL! Someone on the comedy circuit pick this guy up!


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