Bow Wow Shoots His Shot At Angela Simmons & Sends Love To Ex-Fiancée Erica Mena

Cover picture for the articleBow Wow is sending love to all of the women in his life, starting with Angela Simmons and Erica Mena. Despite things ending on the wrong foot with Erica Mena, Bow Wow recognizes that his ex-fiancée is going through a very tough time right now as...

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Sonya Kennedy
21d ago

How I wish Bow & Angela would hook up. He needs a strong, self reliant, independent young lady in his life. However, he needs to grow up FAST. All that drinking & telling lies, it's too much. But I do think if she has the patience, Angela can & will hold Bow Wow down. First by holding him accountable for his raw actions.Put Down the Liquor and go for the young lady that's gonna be with ya.♥️♥️♥️♥️

Carlito L Stuart

ms. Simmons run. dude can't even fly first class as we all know. he looking for a free ride. dont do it

Ophelia Woodley

she used to mess with him too, those people are all over the place


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