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New York City, NY

Mary J Blige Who She Said Was Called ‘Done, Fat, and Old’ by Ex-husband Flaunts Killer Legs in All Gold at Met Gala 2021

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Fashion enthusiast Mary J. Blige was in attendance at the Met Gala in New York. As expected, she turned heads as she appeared in an elegant outfit. Here's a look at what the singer wore. On Monday, American singer and actress Mary J. Blige took to her Instagram page...

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Lisa Starr

The nerve he has,nobody would know his name if it wasn't for Mary J Blige. He must be at least part of the reason why his daughter has issues & berated her the same way he did Mary. Trying to convince Mary he was the only man that would be with her. Well he sees that didn't work good for MJB.

Julia Tripp

Mary is simply fabulous. She looks better and better and is clearly happier than ever. And her African prince is fine! Good for you Mary!

Sharon Washington
25d ago

Girl your beautiful. I always say. And you carry your weight well. I never thought he was nice looking in the movies. You been the best thing ever happened to him.


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